Xover™ Solenoid Valve Enables Fast Sample Switching & Flushing in Third Generation Gene Sequencing Applications

Published On: March 11th, 2021
Xover Valve Gene Sequencing


The maturity of next generation sequencing (NGS) instruments and constant demand for lower cost and higher throughput sequencing have led to new fluidic challenges that defy tradition. Instrument manufacturers are focused on adding fully automated library preparation and target enrichment to sequencers where precise control and repeatability are paramount. The objectives are the same whether the approach is SBS, nanoball, cPAL, FISSEQ or any other method of massively parallel sequencing: minimize internal volume of fluidic components, and quickly transition between samples and reagents.


The Xover™ internal pinch tube solenoid valve features an innovative Y-shaped elastomer tube in a 3-way configuration. The unique geometry allows for the smallest possible internal volume and an extremely low volume carried over between fluids; this enables efficient switching between samples, reagents, cleaning solutions, or calibrants. Unlike traditional pinch valves, Xover is durable and does not require maintenance during its extensive life cycle. Inert materials in the flow path make the valve suitable for sequencing applications where chemical and biocompatibility are a concern.


Xover improves the fluidic performance of gene sequencers by reducing the time between introduction of primers, terminators, and wash solution; this in turn leads to higher sample throughput and faster sequencing. The low internal volume of the valve also reduces usage of critical fluids, further decreasing sequencing costs. The relatively small size of Xover, as compared to traditional rotary shear valves, enables the development of smaller point-of-care sequencing devices without sacrificing performance. The planar flow path through the valve enables undisturbed flow that stabilizes fluids within the system instead of disrupting them.


The Xover solenoid valve can be easily combined with traditional fluidic system components, such as positive displacement pumps, or added to augment the functionality of rotary shear valves. In addition, the valve can be used in vacuum and pressure systems, affording flexibility to system designers who can place the valve wherever it is needed on the system schematic. The versatility of Xover means that it can be used with any NGS technology as it meets the core requirements of these applications and offers tremendous value.


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