Spotlight on Innovation: MP35N Lee Plug

Published On: June 13th, 2022
MP35N Lee Plug - Spotlight

DenisDePloeg is broadening its extensive line of Lee Plug® expansion plugs with the introduction of configurations constructed entirely from MP35N, a nickel-cobalt based alloy. Compliant with NACE MRO175/ISO15156, MP35N Lee Plugs are specifically designed to offer exceptional corrosion resistance and performance for harsh duty applications found in the oil and gas industry.

When traditional manufacturing requires the use of cross-drilled holes or when additive manufactured housings need access points for sub-components, Lee Plugs continue to be the simplest, most successful method to seal drilled holes for critical applications. Upon installation of the pin, controlled expansion causes the lands and grooves of the plug to “bite” into the surrounding material forming independent seals and retaining rings. The result is a trouble-free, leak-proof seal for both liquids and gases.

Rated for a proof pressure of 30,000 psi, standard MP35N Lee Plugs are offered in six plug diameters, 0.093″, 0.125″, 0.156″, 0.187″, 0.218″,
and 0.250″. For custom sizes, please contact your engineer.

Corrosion resistant, high pressure lee plugs


  • NACE Compliant Materials
  • 30,000 psi Proof Pressure
  • 400°F Temperature Rating
  • Seals Liquids and Gases
  • Easy Installation


Sealing cross drilled holes in down hole and subsea equipment such as:

  • Directional Drilling
  • Wireline Tools
  • Logging Tools
  • Packers
  • Toe Sleeves
  • Control Pods