Spotlight on Innovation: IEP Series – Extended Performance Solenoid Valves

Published On: April 13th, 2021

The Lee Company’s IEP Series Solenoid Valves are designed to perform consistently under conditions that are far more demanding than typical high-speed dispensing applications. Available in a 2-way, normally closed, axial flow configuration, these compact valves are ideal for applications where space and weight are limited. Featuring welded stainless steel construction, these robust valves are capable of unsurpassed, reliable operation in higher pressure  and temperature environments.

The IEP Series valves have been used with great success in a variety of applications. In CubeSat Systems, the compact size and fast response time of these valves are key factors in optimizing the performance of the propulsion system, which is normally expressed as the specific impulse rate. These valves are also ideal for applications in scanning electron microscopes and gas chromatography devices where precise control of high pressure gases is critical. The robust construction and wide temperature range of the IEP valves also make them ideal for medical devices such as cryosurgi- cal instruments and for industrial applications where the flow media needs  to be heated prior to dispensing.

The IEP Series valves are 100% functionally tested for performance and designed with materials that will ensure consistent long-term performance. They are also available with different elastomers to ensure compatibility with a wide range of liquids and gases. Performance characteristics and porting options can be optimized to meet specific application requirements, including threaded ports and integrated atomizing nozzles.


  • Light weight: 4.7 grams
  • Low internal volume: 62 μL
  • Low power consumption
  • Operating pressures up to 800 psig
  • Operating temperatures up to 135°C
  • Response time as fast as 0.5 ms


  • CubeSat propulsion
  • Precision combustion systems
  • Scanning electron microscopes
  • Gas chromatograph oil well analyzers
  • Cryogenic surgical devices