Spotlight on Innovation: Dual Sealing A.F.O. Plugs

Published On: December 8th, 2021
Dual Sealing AFO Plugs Spotlight

The best performance under the highest pressure

Meet our newest addition to its product line of Axial Force Only Plugs (A.F.O. Plugs). These Dual Sealing A.F.O. Plugs can make the best performance under the highest pressure. They offer a leak-tight, metal to metal seal in high pressure applications and can incorporate an O-ring with two backup rings capable of venting pressures up to 15,000 psid. In the open position, pressure can be vented out of a side port to remove air from a hydraulic system, safely release trapped high pressure gas, or perform a charge/ fill function.

High pressure capability in both the open and closed positions

These plugs are NACE compliant, conforming to NACE MR0175, which means that they meet to the requirements of the oil and gas industry. Both the body and nose are MP35N, the O-Ring is FKM, and the back-up rings are PEEK. Dual Sealing A.F.O. Plugs offer exceptional corrosion resistance and sealing performance in high pressure, high temperature applications. Standard part numbers will be offered in three thread sizes, 0.312, 0.375, and 0.500 inches. Contact your Engineer to find the right solution for you.

High Pressure Capability in both the open and close positions


  • Seals to 56,000 psi closed
  • Rated to 15,000 psi open
  • Reusable and allows easy access to sealed passageways
  • 450°F temperature rating
  • Floating seal self aligns – prevents galling
  • Axial force only – small boss size


  • Remove air
  • Release trapped pressure
  • Charge a hydraulic or pneumatic system