Spotlight on Innovation: 25 Micron Hi-Bar Safety Screens

Published On: March 15th, 2022
25 Micron Hi-Bar Safety Screens

Ultra fine safety screens designed to provide optimal protection

We are delighted to announce that there is a massive increase in capabilities for the HI-BAR® Safety Screen product line.

Because the components have been continuously adapted for use in liquid and pneumatic systems that require finer levels of filtration, we now offer custom designed safety screens with holes sizes as small as 25 microns.

Highly protective

For over more than 30 years, the HI-BAR Safety Screens have been instrumental in protecting critical components from rogue particles of contamination in hydraulic and pneumatic applications in a variety of industries. Think about aerospace, oil and gas, space, machine tools, and motorsports. This enhanced product capability for the HI-BAR safety screen product line has been particularly beneficial to the space industry where finer filtration is most critical, protecting sensors and components throughout launch vehicles, spacecraft, and satellite propulsion systems.

Fine filteration

The HI-BAR Safety Screens are machined from solid stainless steel bar stock and are individually drilled and deburred by proprietary manufacturing processes. These safety screens feature an extremely robust, one-piece design without joints or seams, eliminating the need for additional support structures, which not only reduce the effective filter area but also increase flow restriction. This combination of features results in a high strength screen with very fine filtration that can withstand pressures up to 7,500 psid.

Our HI-BAR Safety Screens are always included with a wide selection of standard envelopes with hole sizes rated to 50 microns and higher. In addition to the typical flange and boss mount configurations, the new 25 Micron HI-BAR Safety Screens can be integrated into almost any custom geometry to fit a customer’s specific need. This includes screens mounted in typical fittings for an easy-to-install line removable unit (LRU). We also offer a complete range of miniature plugs, flow restrictors, and valves for use in a wide variety of demanding applications. Contact your Engineer to find the right solution for you.


  • Strong, One-Piece screen element
  • Burst/collapse pressures up to 7500 psid
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Hole sizes down to 25 micron
  • Customizable configurations


  • Protect critical components from contamination
  • Rocket propulsion, steering and landing systems
  • Satellite propulsion and cooling systems
  • Aircraft hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Fuel control systems for motorsports