Spotlight on Innovation: 10 Micron Catch-all

Published On: March 15th, 2022
10 Micron Catch-All Flange Mount Safety Screen

Ultra fine safety screens designed to provide optimal protection: 10 Micron Catch-all™️ Flange Mount Safety Screen

We are thrilled to inform you about our significant role in increasing system reliability by providing hundreds of thousands of safety screens to not only protect different components, but to protect a variety of other critical components in both liquid and pneumatic systems. Since 1948 we are at the forefront in the design and manufacture of cutting edge, miniature fluid control products.

The so called ‘Catch-All Safety Screens’ were developed to provide a robust solution for fine filtration requirements down to 20 micron. For even finer filtration needs, there is a recently expanded line of Catch-All Flange Mount Safety Screens to include a series of screens with a nominal filtration rating of 10 micron.

Core business

At the heart of the Catch-All design is a rugged, calendered, and sintered 316L stainless steel wire mesh weave. The 10 micron version also incorporates a 316L support skin on both sides of the weave, reinforcing the screen element for maximum strength. Manufactured using a proprietary process, the Catch-All screens feature a seamless, layered design containing radial convolutions that greatly increase the contamination carrying capacity of the screen.

You can expect a high strength screen offering optimal protection in a very small package. The 10 micron Catch-All Safety Screens are available in a variety of flange sizes ranging from 0.230″ to 0.656″ in diameter. All Safety Screens are precision cleaned and packaged before shipment. Special designs are available upon request. Contact your Engineer to find the right solution for you.


  • Ultra fine 10 micron hole size rating
  • 316L Stainless steel construction
  • Strong, seamless, layered screen element
  • Maximum protection, hight contamination carrying design
  • Precision cleaned and packaged


  • Space or Satellite Systems requiring special cleanliness levels
  • High performance car racing for ultra clean fuel applications
  • Any application requiring precise cleanliness and ultra fine levels of filteration