Spotlight on Innovation: Positive Displacement Pumps

Published On: August 23rd, 2022


DenisDePloeg is excited to announce a new innovation in our line of miniature positive displacement pumps: pump modules with integrated control electronics for easy incorporation into customer systems. These new pump modules expand on our unique radial piston design, which aids in self-priming at altitude and reduces cavitation. Our positive displacement pumps offer full variable speed control for unparalleled flexibility. In addition, intelligence is built into the pump module to provide operational feedback such as pump speed, motor current, and fault monitoring.

Lee positive displacement pumps are qualified to numerous aerospace specifications and designed for use in the harsh environments that aerospace fuel systems are exposed to. State-of-the-art controls, a high efficiency brushless DC servo motor, compatibility with most fuels and petroleum-based fluids, and our unique radial piston pump technology make this a high performing product well suited to use in the fuel systems of small to medium sized unmanned aerial systems and other demanding applications.

High Performance and Quality in a small, lightweight package - Positive Displacement Pumps


  • 12-28 VDC Supply Voltage
  • Temperatures from -40°F to +212°F
  • Pressures up to 100 psid
  • Flow up to 235 Pounds per hour of jet fuel
  • Variable speed control
  • Operational Feedback: Pump Speed, Moter Current, and Fault Monitoring


  • Fuel Pump for Small to Medium Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Fuel Transfer Pump for Larger Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Generators
  • Lubrication Systems
  • Cooling Systems