Spotlight on Innovation: LEE HI-BAR® Insert Retained Safety Screens

Published On: April 3rd, 2023

The Lee Company is expanding its extensive line of standard products by combining two of the many innovations that have established Lee as a pioneer in miniature fluid control for over 70 years. The new HI-BAR® Insert Retained Safety Screens have the performance advantages created by Lee’s unique drilling techniques and the installation and retention benefits associated with the insert locking end. For decades, both technologies have been widely used in aircraft, space systems, oil and gas exploration and production equipment, and high-performance racing vehicles.

Lee HI-BAR Safety Screens continue to be the most versatile solution for protecting critical components in both liquid and pneumatic systems. Manufactured from solid bar stock, the rugged, single-piece construction results in some of the highest strength screens available in the world today. Using the proven high-pressure locking end, these screens allow for a simple installation directly into a fluid passageway. This installation technique locks the screen into the surrounding housing and provides a reliable, leak-proof seal.

Constructed from stainless steel materials, Lee HI-BAR® Insert Retained Safety Screens are available in 4 different body diameters, 0.187″, 0.250″, 0.375″, and 0.500″. In addition, standard screen hole sizes include 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 380, and 500 microns. All Lee Safety Screens are precision cleaned and packaged prior to shipment. Special designs, such as alternate materials, hole sizes and envelopes, are available upon request.


  • Simple installation into fluid
    passageway with field proven
    locking end
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Low internal volume
  • Strong, one-piece screen element
  • Burst/Collapse pressure: 7500 psid
  • Hole sizes from 50 micron to
    500 micron


  • Protect critical components such
    as valves, nozzles, and orifices
    from contamination
  • Provide additional level of protection
    on subsystem components such
    as pumps, flow dividers, gearboxes,
    actuators, and control valves
  • May be installed into fittings to
    provide in-line screening solution