Are you looking for small and light weight Solenoid Valves?

DenisDePloeg offers Miniature Piloting Solenoid Valves that combine space and weight savings with superior performance and reliability in demanding applications such as aerospace hydraulic and fuel systems, oil exploration/production, space launch vehicles, satellites, high performance auto racing, and other challenging high pressure applications. Incorporating innovative design and advanced technology, they have set a new benchmark in space and weight savings and power consumption. The lightest version weighs under 0.14 lbs. (2.3 oz.) and uses only 7.8 watts at 28 Vdc. Each subcomponent and manufacturing process has been optimized to ensure a design with the highest performance, longest life, and highest reliability – all within the smallest envelope possible.

Available Standard Designs

  • Piloting Solenoid Valves: 2-way and 3-way, single and dual coil solenoids with operating pressures up to 5,000 psi
  • High Flow Solenoid Valves: 2 stage poppet designs provide the capacity for increased flow rates in a miniature package
  • Zero Leak Solenoid Valves: Integrated polymeric seats help eliminate leakage when it’s a critical factor in hydraulic or pneumatic applications
  • Latching Solenoid Valves: A magnetic latching feature allows a valve to switch and remain in state with a momentary pulse to reduce overall power consumption and heat generation
  • 250 Series Solenoid Valves: Offset fluid passages offer increased porting flexibility when facing difficult packaging requirements


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