Are you looking for small and light weight Shuttle Valves?

The Shuttle Valves by DenisDePloeg are miniature, 3 port, hydraulic valves that allow fluid to flow from one of two inlet sources to a common outlet. They are small enough to fit right into the head of an actuator, saving both space and weight. As with all Lee Inserts, they require no O-rings or elastomeric seals. Four types of Lee Shuttle Valves are available, ranging in size from 0.187” to 0.500” in diameter.

  • Spring Biased Shuttle Valves
  • Detented Shuttle Valves
  • Selective Shuttle Valves
  • Inverse Shuttle Valves


Hydraulic shuttle valves

We are specialized in hydraulic shuttle valves. At every product you will find the data-sheet, where all aspects of our different shuttle valves can be found. Looking for a specific shuttle valve our need more information, be sure to contact us. Our hydraulic shuttle valves have an extremely long life-cycle. They are designed to live for the entire product life cycle. All shuttle valves are lightweight and easy to install.

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We provide solutions for fluid control issues and are specialized in miniature precision hydraulics. If you have any special requests our need more information, be sure to contact us.

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