Are you looking for small and light weight Restrictors?

Denisdeploeg offers a wide selection of field-proven single and multiple orifice precision flow restrictors for a variety of demanding applications, including aerospace hydraulic and fuel systems, oil tools, race cars, and other sophisticated fluid power systems. Design engineers worldwide have found Lee Company flow restrictors to be indispensable when small size, light weight and proven reliability are required.

Lee Jets, High Watt and Kilowatt Jets, and the Lee Microjet are all single orifice restrictors. Lee High Watt and Kilowatt Jets handle low Lohm rates (high flow rates) while higher Lohm rates (lower flow rates) are covered by Lee Jets.

The multi-orifice restrictors consist of Lee Bender Jets® and many different versions of the Lee Visco Jet®. Bender Jets employ several non-coaxial orifices in series using bending and multiple orifices to increase restriction. The Visco Jet adds the dimension of spin chambers for even higher restriction. Visco Jets range from small inserts all the way up to large cartridge versions, offering many options in minimum passage, Lohm rate and size.



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