MP35N Lee Plug

An addition the our comprehensive product line of field-proven Lee Plug expansion plugs. Constructed entirely from MP35N, a nickel-cobalt based material, these plugs are compliant with NACE MR0175/ ISO15156.

PDS 190 (2022-04) - MP35N Lee Plug-2

MP35N Lee Plugs are specifically designed to offer exceptional corrosion resistance and performance for the harsh environments found in the oil and gas industry. Controlled expansion, perfected by The Lee Company, causes the lands and grooves of the plug to “bite” into the surrounding material forming independent seals and retaining rings resulting in a positive, reliable, leak and trouble-proof seal for both liquids and gases. MP35N Lee Plugs have a proof pressure rating of 30,000 psi and are offered in six diameters: 0.093", 0.125", 0.156", 0.187", 0.218", and 0.250".

  • NACE compliant materials
  • 30,000 psi proof pressure
  • 400°F temperature rating
  • Permanent, leak-tight seal for liquids and gases
  • Easy installation

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