Are you looking for Precision Hydraulics for extreme performance?

DenisDePloeg offers components for precision hydraulics in all kinds of sizes. In all these cases, we can supply you with off-the-shelf products as well as custom made products. Components from less than 0.01 in up to 1.0 in diameter, and from 0.1 to 28 grams. We help designers achieve the size and weight reduction they need, with operating pressures to 8,000 psi. We also take the time for 100% inspection and testing. This kind of care results in the high reliability and long life for which Lee components are noted.


Expansion Plugs - PH - Thumbnail
Expansion Plugs
Restrictors PH - thumb
Flow Metering Valves - PH - thumb
Flow Metering Valves
Nozzles PH - thumb
Check Valves - PH - Thumbnail
Check Valves
Pressure Relief Valves - PH - thumb
Pressure Relief Valves
Shuttle Valves - PH - thumb
Shuttle Valves
Safety screens - PH - thumb
Safety Screens
Line Mounts - PH - Thumbnail
Line Mounts
Pressure Components - PH - Thumbnail
Pressure Components
Solenoid Valves - PH - Thumb
Solenoid Valves
Pumps PH - thumb
Displacement Pumps
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