Radial Piston Designs with Brushless DC Motor

The Lee Company is excited to announce a new family of miniature Positive Displacement Pumps. These new pumps feature a unique radial piston design which aids in self priming at altitude and reduces cavitation. Lee pumps are qualified for 1000 hours of operation and to numerous aerospace specifications. Offering superior durability and efficiency, these pumps are ideal for fuel systems in small to medium sized unmanned aerial vehicles and other demanding applications.

Lee Positive Displacement Pumps include an integrated brushless DC servo motor with hall sensor feedback to allow for precise control of variable flow. The materials used are compatible with most fuels and petroleum based fluids. Lee Positive Displacement Pumps continue the Lee tradition of delivering performance and quality in the smallest, lightest package available.


  • 12-28 Vdc
  • -71°F to +230°F
  • Pressures up to 115 psia
  • Up to 235 Pounds Per Hour
    (0.6 GPM) of Flow



  • Fuel Pump for Small to Medium Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Auxiliary Power Units
  • Generators
  • Formula 1 Race Cars
  • Fuel Transfer Pump for Larger
    Unmanned Aerial Systems
  • Oil Pump