5.5 mm Relief Valve Reverse Flow

The new miniature, Poppet-Style Pressure Relief Valve provides a faster opening rate and more stable flow than typical ball style relief valves. Measuring just 5.5 mm in diameter and 16.6 mm long, the new valve weighs only 1.7 grams.

5.5 mm Relief Valve Reverse Flow

Simple to install, the new relief valve uses our field-proven Lee Insert Principle that provides secure retention and eliminates the need for threads, O-rings, or in-house designs. To install, simply insert the relief valve into a drilled hole and drive the expansion pin flush to seal and lock the valve in place. Designed for reliable operation, the new relief valve features robust, all stainless steel construction and 100% performance testing to ensure consistent, long term performance.

The new relief valve’s compact size, superior performance, and ease of installation make it ideal for high volume applications in automotive, off-road, and other industrial hydraulic systems.

  • Fast Opening Rate: Stable Flow and minimizes system stress
  • 100% Tested: Improves system level yield rates
  • Small Size: Saves space and weight
  • All Stainless Steel Construction: Compatible with most fluids
  • Low Hysteresis: Improves system performance

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