Chek Valve – 855 LC2 Series Press-In

The newest addition to our line of miniature cartridge-style check valves specifically designed for installation into plastics. The new 855 LC2 Series Press-In Chek Valve offers more than a 65% increase in flow capacity over the existing 8.0 mm CCPI series check valve.

Chek Valve - 855 LC2 Series Press-In

This new valve features all stainless steel construction, providing compatibility with a wide range of fluids and gases.

Its unique barbed design provides easy “press-in” installation, ensures retention and prevents any bypass leakage around the valve. A high quality metal to metal seat provides low leakage and highly repeatable cracking pressure. This robust design and 100% functional testing ensures consistent long term performance.

  • 100% Tested: Eliminates rework
  • Birdirectional Installation: Provides forward or reverse flow capabilities and design flexibility
  • Press-in Design: Simple installation
  • Leak Tight: Efficient system performance

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