Chek Valve – 6.5 mm CCPI Series Press-In

The 6.5 mm Press-In Chek™️ is a line of miniature cartridge-style check valve specifically designed for installation into plastics. This valve offers more than twice the flow capacity over the 4.5 mm model. The valve features all stainless steel construction, providing compatibility with a wide range of fluids and gases.

5.5mm Insert Orifice for Liquids

Its unique barbed design provides easy “press-in” installation, ensures retention and prevents any by-pass leakage around the valve. A high-quality metal to metal seat provides low leakage and a highly repeatable cracking pressure. This robust design and 100% functional testing ensures consistent long term performance.

  • 100% Tested: Eliminates rework
  • Bidirectional Installation: Provides forward or reverse flow capabilities and design flexibility
  • Press-In Design: Simple installation
  • Leak Tight: Efficient system performance

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