Chek Valve – 4.5mm Vent Valve Press-In

The 4.5 mm Press-In Vent Valve for installation into plastics, is specifically designed to remove trapped air in hydraulic systems. Air can become trapped in a hydraulic system during an initial green run, a key off event, or after maintenance or repair.

PDS 185 (2021-05) - 4.5mm Press-In Vent Valve

This air can interfere with system startup/priming, cause slower system reaction times or a “spongy feel”, or produce NVH (noise, vibration, harshness) problems. Traditionally, trapped air was removed by hand bleeding the system or by drilling a hole in the manifold to allow the air to escape back to the sump. However, hand bleeding the system results in downtime and reduced productivity, and the drilled hole method allows hydraulic fluid to continuously flow out of the system, causing significant hydraulic losses, inefficient system performance, and wasted energy. Modern technology is pushing for higher system efficiencies, greater productivity, and reduced weight and size which makes eliminating these losses more critical.

Our new 4.5 mm Press-In Vent Valve is a novel solution for removing trapped air while minimizing hydraulic losses. The vent valve is a normally closed valve which prohibits air from being drawn back into a system during shutdown. During startup, the system pressure increases and opens the vent valve, allowing any trapped air to start venting. The valve then closes as the system approaches its operating pressure, which eliminates further hydraulic losses. Our unique solution for removing this unwanted air will enable system designers to optimize system component sizing, leading to improved efficiencies, reduced weight and lower costs.

The new vent valve’s compact size, superior performance, and ease of installation make it ideal for high-volume applications in automotive, off-road, and other industrial hydraulic systems.

  • Vents Flow Over a Specific Pressure Differential: Eliminates Trapped Air, Improves System Efficiencies and Eliminates Wasted Energy

  • Press-In design: Simple Installation

  • Miniature Size: Allows designers to save space and weight
  • Bidirectional installation provides forward or reverse flow capabilities: Design flexibility

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