Chek Valve – 2.5mm 316L Press-In Chek Valve

The new 2.5 mm 316L Press-In Check Valve With Ceramic Ball is a miniature cartridge-style check valve specifically designed for installation into plastics. This new valve is constructed from medical grade 316L stainless steel and features a ceramic ball for improved compatibility with hydrogen and other aggressive fluids.

The valve's unique press-in design enables easy installation, ensures retention, and prevents any bypass leakage. Its high quality metal seat provides low leakage and highly repeatable cracking pressures. Thanks to its robust design and 100% performance testing, this valve offers consistent long-term performance.

Working With Liquids

Engineers will be interested in our simple method of defining and measuring the resistance to fluid flow for hydraulic components. Just as the Ohm is used in electrical engineering, we find that we can use a liquid Ohm or “Lohm” to good advantage on all hydraulic computations.

When using the Lohm, you can forget about coefficients of discharge and dimensional tolerances on drilled holes. These factors are automatically compensated for in the Lohm calculations and confirmed by our testing of each component to establish flow tolerances. The resistance to flow of any fluid component can be expressed in Lohms.

The Lohm has been selected so that a 1 Lohm restriction will permit a flow of 100 gallons per minute of water with a pressure drop of 25 psi at a temperature of 80°F.

Due to the differences in fluid properties between gases and liquids, the equations for calculating the relationship between flow restriction, pressure differential, and flow rate are different.


  • Made of medical-grade 316L stainless steel with a ceramic ball for compatibility with aggressive fluids.

  • A miniature cartridge-style check valve designed for easy press-in installation into plastics, offering bidirectional flow.

  • Undergoes 100% performance testing to ensure consistent long-term reliability.

  • Maximum leakage of 10 SCCM at 500 kPa, with variable maximum working pressure based on housing and conditions.

  • Features a Lohm rate of 750 Lohms and varying cracking pressures from 0 to 69 kPa depending on the model.

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