Are you looking for rugged, high volume economical Plugs, Valves, and Precision Flow Devices for a Variety of Challenging Applications?

Industrial Microhydraulics (IMH) components from DenisDePloeg accommodate the high-volume production, performance and cost requirements of automotive, industrial hydraulic and medical application – while maintaining high standards in quality, reliability and customer service.

Check Valves IMH - thumb
Check Valves
Pressure Relieve Valves - IMH - thumb
Pressure Relief Valves
Precision Orifices - IMH - thumb
Precision Orifices
Restrictor Checks - IMH - thumb
Restrictor Checks
Flow Controls - IMH - thumb
Flow Controls
Shuttle Valves - IMH - thumb
Shuttle Valves
Safety Screens - IMH - thumb
Safety Screens
Lee Beta Plugs IMH - thumb
Lee Beta Plugs
Orifice for Plastic Fittings - IMH - thumb
Orifice for Plastic Fittings
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