Xover Solenoid Valve

Introducing Xover®, our latest innovation in sample switching technology. This new internal pinch tube solenoid valve offers an exceptionally low carryover volume and fast, efficient fluidic performance.

Xover Solenoid Valve-1

The internal pinch tube mechanism is easily flushed and has a carryover volume of just 3.7 μL. This tube also allows for single- plane flow through the valve, keeping fluid flow laminar. Xover can switch states in less than 40 ms and provides responsive fluidic performance in any system. In addition, the total internal volume of this 3-way solenoid valve is only 11 μL. Xover features industry-standard 1⁄4-28 ports and an operating pressure range from vacuum to 30 psig, making the valve perfectly suited for life science and analytical applications.

The new Xover solenoid valve is ideal for applications in flow cytometry, gene sequencing, analytical chemistry, microbiology, and numerous other places where ow internal volume, zero dead volume
and inert materials are critical performance requirements. Xover enables efficient switching between samples, calibrants and reagents to improve sample throughput while reducing system volume and fluid consumption.

  • Zero dead volume
  • Internal volume: 11 μL
  • Carryover volume: 3.7 μL
  • Operating pressure: Supply: Vac to 30 psig Differential: 30 psid max.
  • 1⁄4-28 flat bottom boss fluid ports
  • Wetted materials: PEEK, FKM (treated)
  • Operating temperature range: 45°F to 118°F (7°C to 48°C)
  • Response time: less than 40 ms
  • Cycle life: 5 million cycles (minimum)
  • Low power consumption: 2.1 W

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