Ultra Miniature Latching 2-Port HDI Solenoid Valve

The ultra-miniature 2-port high density interface (HDI) solenoid valve is now available in a magnetically latched design and joins the LHL Series of valves under the HDI® platform.

Ultra Miniature Latching 2-Port High Density Interface (HDI) Solenoid Valve-1

Optimized for applications that demand ultra-low power, low heat and small size, this magnetically latched solenoid valve is ideal for compact, battery powered devices such as portable respiratory care instruments, breath analyzers, environmental monitors and molecular diagnostic instruments. The valve requires only momentary (10 msec minimum) pulses of current to switch its state result- ing in 23 millijoules consumed per switch. The polarity of voltage on the terminal pins controls the switched position.

DenisDePloeg offers a wide range of standard manifolds for testing as well as custom designed manifold configurations for production. Performance parameters can be optimized for specific applications.

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  • Magnetically latched
  • Ultra-low power and low heat: 23 mJ/switch
  • Light weight: less than 2.5 grams
  • Ultra-compact size
  • Low internal volume
  • Operating pressure range: Vac-45 psig (0-10 psid)
  • Leakage: less than 50 SμLPM at 10 psid air, 70°F (21°C)
  • Wetted materials: housing (PBT), armature/core (FeCr alloy), spring (316 SS), O-Ring (FKM) and epoxy.

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