Genvi® – Solenoid Valve

We proudly present the new generation of versatile and innovative 3-port solenoid valves. The Genvi® LGV Series control valves are able to offer high flow rates and consume low power in a miniature, 10mm package. Utilizing innovative manufacturing techniques, this novel family of valves is designed to offer application versatility and unmatched reliability at an economical price point.

Genvi - Solenoid Valve

The Genvi® solenoid valve challenges the limitations of current fluidic technologies by allowing designers to use a miniature, low power solenoid valve without compromising system-level flow rate requirements. The new valve is capable of achieving minimum flow rates of 30 to 40 SLPM at 15 psid, and its spike and hold drive profile results in ultra-low power consumption (318 mW) during continuous duty operation. This reduces system-level heating and improves battery life, making it ideal for challenging power budgets.

The new Genvi® solenoid valves are ideal for molecular diagnostics, oxygen delivery, environmental monitors, compression therapy, breath analyzers and numerous other applications where high flow and low power cannot be sacrificed for size and reliability. Contact your Lee Sales Engineer for additional technical assistance and application information.

  • High flow capacity
  • Low Power consumption: 318 mW (hold power)
  • Leakage: 25 SμLPM (max) at 15 psid (air)
  • Style: face mount
  • Operating temperature range: 40°F to 120°F
  • Response time: less than 10ms
  • Cycle life: 25 million cycles (minimum)
  • Spike and hold drive required (Re. Lee drawing #LFIX1002250A for schematics)
  • Flow media: air and compatible gases
  • Wetted materials: PC, 400 Series SS, Brass, PBT, FKM, 300 Series SS
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Part Number Voltage (Vdc) Lohm Rate on Air at 21°C Operating Pressure
LGVA1221220D 12 Vdc Spike
2.75 Vdc Hold
200-250 Lohms (30-40 SLPM at 15 psid; Ref. Cv = 0.08 – 0.1) Supply: Vac to 45 psig
Differential: 15 psid max.

The Lohm is a measure of flow resistance. The referenced Lohm rate is dependent on the flow path; Common to Normally Closed or Normally Open Ports. Additional information can be found at www.

Genvi - Porting Flow Schematic

See dimensional drawings below.

Genvi - Flow Performance Characteristics

* Common to Normally Open Port
** Common to Normally Closed Port

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