Are you looking for small and light weight Manifold Technology?

DenisDePloeg offers the Lee Company’s Manifold technology. The Lee Company Electro-Fluidic Systems Division has been an industry leader in electromechanical valve and pump technology for over three decades. Manifolds offer several advantages compared to just tubing together discrete components, such as fewer leakage points, lower internal volumes, easier assembly into the instrument, and higher reliability. The expertise of The Lee Company in fluidics is drawn from a solid understanding of the application and the components involved. We can incorporate solenoid valves, pumps, passive components (i.e. restrictors) and active components (i.e. transducers) into a complete assembly that has been functionally tested per the application requirements. The different manufacturing techniques used to create such manifolds include:

  • Conventional Manifold Technique
  • Multi-layered Manifold Technique
  • Ant farm Manifold Technique
  • Combination Manifold Technique
  • Injection Manifold Technique


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