Are you looking for small and light weight Dispense Pumps?

DenisDePloeg offers two different kinds of dispense pumps: fixed volume dispense pumps and variable volume dispense pumps. Our dispense pumps have flexible pumping options without compromising performance or reliability.


High performance dispense pumps

Precision fluid control is critical throughout any diagnostic process – from preparing and transporting delicate samples to ensuring reliable detection. As a result, diagnostics applications increasingly require pumps that are multifunctional, integrating fluid control and flexible pumping options without compromising performance or reliability.

Dispense pumps with wide range of features

The challenge of meeting these needs is finding a dispense pump that offers the right combination of features and benefits.

These include:

  • Pumps with low pulsation produce stable flow and optimal detection.
  • Chemical inertness for compatibility with a wide range of reagents.
  • Low internal volume to reduce transport volume and wash cycle time.
  • High reliability to minimize system maintenance and downtime.
  • Dispense volume precision to improve test accuracy.

Lee Pumps offer these advantages and more – not just for diagnostic instruments, but in a wide range of high-precision applications such as mass spectrom.

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