Is space and weight of importance in your fluid control? We offer a wide product range in the field of fluid control, build for extreme performance, high end quality.

Our products are devided in three product categories; Precision Hydraulics, Electro-Fluidic Systems and Industrial Microhydraulics.

Precision Hydraulics

The six Precision Hydraulic product groups supply expansion plugs, high pressure solenoid valves, single and multi-orifce restrictors, nozzles, safety screens, check valves, relief valves, flow controls, shuttle valves, pumps and line mounts to a wide range of industries. These include hydraulic and pneumatic applications on commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, naval vessels, machine tools, downhole oil tools, power generation equipment, motorsports, etc.

Electro-Fluidic Systems

The three Electro-Fluidic Systems product groups produce high quality miniature solenoid valves (conventional and chemically inert models), high speed micro-dispense valves, atomizing and dispense nozzles, fixed and variable volume pumps, integrated fluidic manifolds, inert tubing and fluid control components, and custom engineered designs. These products are typically used in medical and scientific instrumentation, analytical and clinical chemistry, in vitro diagnostics, drug discovery and ink jet printing applications.

Industrial Microhydraulics

The Industrial Microhydraulics division was established to adapt proven design concepts to meet the higher volume production, performance, and cost requirements of automotive, industrial hydraulics, and medical applications. These products include a wide variety of plugs, valves, restrictors, and safety screens designed and manufactured for ease of automated installation, which is of paramount importance to these industries.

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