For over 50 years now, DenisDePloeg is a key supplier of miniature fluid control components. We offer miniature fluid control components from The Lee Company. An impressive range of standard catalogue items. However, if needed, custom made fluid control components can become part of any solution. Whether a technical issue might arise in a hydraulic or pneumatic application on commercial and military aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, naval vessels, machine tools, downhole oil tools, power generation equipment, race cars, scientific and medical instrumentation, and ink jet printing applications.

DDP would gladly be your trustworthy partner in any (custom made) solution. Do you want to know how we can help you? Here is how we work.

The Innovation Never Stops

New ideas and new products are a way of life at The Lee Company. Whether it’s in aircraft, machine tools, or oil tool equipment. No company is better suited to provide you with the right standard or special components than Lee. That is why DenisDePloeg is proud to work with The Lee Company. Our customers select from thousands of proven Lee designs.

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