Series 300 Micro Inert Valve (LFN): Smaller Footprint

The new Series 300 Micro Inert (LFN) Valve is a 2 way, normally closed solenoid valve that facilitates higher packing density, enabling more valves to be positioned in the same area. This results in smaller manifolds and, consequently, a smaller footprint. The LFN center-to-center spacing is 6.7 mm (compared to 12.7 mm for the previous LFV valve).



The new series can contribute to savings on material if, for example, engineered plastics such as PEEK are used for the manifold.


Other benefits include less transport volume, thanks to closer spacing – which results in reduced length of the connection passages in the manifold. This, in its turn, can reduce the amount of reagent needed, whilst also reducing the transport time of a sample.


The LFN valve has a low internal volume of just 13 microlitres, leading to a reduction of the amount of fluid that is needed. This contributes to a lower reagent volume and a faster throughput. The LFN valve also features a faster response time (20 ms) and a lower power consumption (900 mw) than the LFV micro inert valve.


For more information, click here to download a PDF file of the product data sheet.