Miniature Orifice Provides Consistent Flow

DDP introduces The Lee Company’s new IMH Orifice for liquids as an economical, highly accurate miniature restrictor that can be used in medical instrumentation and disposables, in hydraulic controls and in commercial as well as industrial applications.



Now available in 53 standard flow rates, this stainless steel orifice is 100% flow tested in both directions to ensure flow tolerances as tight as +/- 2%. It provides far more flow accuracy than orifices specified by hole tolerances.

The Lee IMH Orifice for liquids utilises Lee’s field-proven controlled expansion principle. This principle guarantees an easy and economical installation. It also provides retention up to 21 mpa (3,000 psi), while at the same time creating a leak-tight seal that prevents by-pass leakage.


The Lee company offers a brass orifice for gases as well, featuring a barbed design for installation into plastic housings. This orifice is 200% flow tested and is available for flow tolerances of +/- 5%.