High-Pressure Plug Seals Leak Tight

DDP presents the new LEE HI-BAR Plug as a reliable, economical, leak-tight threaded plug designed to seal large passage ways in hydraulic and fuel system manifolds.



Rated for system pressures up to 345 bar (860 bar proof / 1,725 bar burst) and temperatures from -50 to 135 degrees Celsius, this pre-assembled plug offers many advantages over existing threaded plug devices.


Among these advantages are:


·         significant savings are realised in reducing machining assembly, and inspection costs;

·         installation is simple, no safety wires or locking rings are required;

·         the Lee HI-BAR plug can be reused several times.


The HI-BAR design uses the patented Lee MultiSeal. This patent reduces the stresses that are being transferred to the threads and housing. Because the thread stresses are low, thinner walls can be used to reduce weight.