250 Series Solenoid Valve

The Lee Company’s ultra-miniature 2-port normally closed solenoid valve is now available in a magnetically latched design. Optimized for applications that demand ultra-low power, low heat and small size, this design is ideal for compact, battery powered instruments.


In today’s culture, the persistent demand for reliable and innovative products compels companies to integrate new and more advanced technology into smaller, lighter weight and more portable packages. Systems must be comprised of low power components in order to meet battery life demands, thus making this ultra-miniature latching valve the perfect candidate for low power solenoid valve needs. Further to this point, the valve requires only momentary (10 to 30 ms) pulses of current to switch to and remain in each state. The polarity of voltage on the terminal pins controls the switched position. Performance parameters can be optimized for a special application. The Lee Company also offers an array of standard manifolds for testing as well as customer-designed manifold configurations for production.